The global nuclear security enterprise is at a critical crossroads. While the worldwide use of nuclear and radioactive materials has grown, the issue of nuclear security has all but faded from the U.S. national conversation. As these materials become more widespread, they will be vulnerable to criminal and terrorist organizations without sufficient security efforts. Through this initiative, a joint effort by Partnership for a Secure America and the Arms Control Association, we seek to improve Capitol Hill’s understanding of and engagement with nuclear security, and to restore bipartisan congressional leadership on this critical issue.


This report reveals a concerning diminution of congressional leadership and interest in critical efforts to prevent nuclear terrorism. While the threat grows more complex, U.S. funding, oversight, and international cooperation to secure nuclear and radiological materials has diminished. By analyzing historic bipartisan initiatives and current congressional staff attitudes on nuclear security, this report offers an important blueprint to revitalize U.S. leadership through Capitol  Hill. Providing recommended action items and effective strategies for engaging Congress, the report is a useful tool for both policymakers and educators.


  • What Can Congress Do to Improve Global Nuclear Security?

    Congress has the responsibility of setting nuclear security policies, creating or eliminating programs and initiatives, and appropriating yearly funding for nuclear security programs. But revitalizing American leadership on this issue requires bold and innovative action – Congress should start with these steps.

    Our Recommendations


Preventing nuclear terrorism and improving global nuclear security is a struggle that requires constant vigilance. By contributing to Partnership for a Secure America you support our ongoing work in Congress and across Washington to build relationships across the aisle, and to forge thoughtful, common ground policy that promotes America’s national interests.


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