Arctic icebreaker Polar Star

Solutions Series Roundtable: Arctic Security

On Thursday, August 24th Partnership for a Secure America held an off-the-record roundtable dinner for alumni of the Congressional Partnership Program to discuss development of an American strategy for the Arctic. The discussion focused on strategic competition with Russia, the current state of strategic assets in the region, and the potential costs and benefits of a […]

The Global Threat Multiplier- National Security Experts’ Warning on Climate Change

Retired Admiral James Loy (Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security 2003 – 2005) & Ambassador Thomas Pickering (Undersecretary of State 1997 – 2000) led a panel discussing the national security implications of climate change. This event follows the release of a bipartisan policy statement in late 2015 signed by 48 accomplished former Generals, Admirals, Secretaries, and […]

PSA in The Independent: Climate change is destabilising the world and becoming ‘threat to national security’, US security chiefs warn

Climate change is destabilising the world and becoming ‘threat to national security’, US security chiefs warn (This article originally appeared in The Independent) By Lizzie Dearden October 22, 2015   Three former Defence Secretaries and two ex-Secretaries of State are among the politicians demanding that climate change be treated as “a threat to US national security”. Chuck […]

Climate Action

Republicans & Democrats Agree: U.S. Security Demands Global Climate Action

For years, America’s intelligence community and armed services have recognized climate change as a threat to U.S. national security – shaping a world that is more unstable, resource-constrained, violent, and disaster-prone. This issue is critically important to the world’s most experienced security planners. The impacts are real, and the costs of inaction are unacceptable. America’s […]

National Security and Foreign Policy Leaders Warn of Climate Change Threat, Call for U.S. Leadership

Retired Military Leaders, Senators, Governors, Foreign Policy and National Security Officials Make Bipartisan Call for Global Climate Action Washington, DC—Forty-eight national security and foreign policy leaders urged the highest levels of American government and business to “think past tomorrow,” and take domestic and international action to fight climate change in a statement released today, which […]

Military Response to Climate Change

A Changing Security Landscape – U.S. Military Response to the Next Emerging Challenge

On December 4th, retired flag and general officers explored the military response to climate change. The speakers provided insight on the DoD’s strategic planning process, and discussed how America’s security community can stay ahead of the curve to avoid surprises. As policymakers debate the causes of climate change, the security community is focused on understanding […]

George Shultz, Fmr. Sec of State, Addresses Policymakers on Capitol Hill for the First Time in 20 Years

On March 8th, 2013, For the first time in 20 years, Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of State George P. Shultz (1982-1989) visited Capitol Hill to publicly address congressional policymakers. READ EVENT TRANSCRIPT BELOW   On this rare visit, Secretary Shultz, a member of PSA’s Advisory Board, spoke to a standing-room-only crowd on Capitol Hill. The topic […]

Thirty-Eight Leading U.S. National Security Experts Urge Washington to Act on International Climate Change Initiatives

On February 25th, Partnership for a Secure America (PSA) rolled out an open letter on the national security threats of climate change at a bipartisan panel event on Capitol Hill. R. James Woolsey, former Director of Central Intelligence, and Wayne Gilchrest, former Congressman (R-MD) and Co-founder of the Congressional Climate Change Caucus, discussed the national […]