Off-the-Record with Ambassador Robert Ford

JUNE 9 – Ambassador Robert Ford, U.S. Ambassador to Syria (2010-2014), joined PSA’s Congressional Partnership Program for an off-the-record discussion with spring 2014 participants. For more information on the Congressional Partnership Program, visit Ambassador Robert S. Ford Ambassador Robert S. Ford served thirty years in the State Department and Peace Corps, finishing his career […]

PSA/USIP – Afghanistan’s Election, America’s Choices – David Sedney & Dr. Andrew Wilder

Partnership for a Secure America (PSA) and the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) hosted an off-the-record dinner roundtable on June 5th to explore issues surrounding the upcoming Afghan presidential runoff election, the future of U.S. engagement in the country, and the role of Congress during and after Afghanistan’s presidential transition. Featuring: David Sedney – […]

PSA/USIP: The Inside Scoop – Developments in Syria, Impacts on Iraq, U.S. Levant Policy

MAY 15 – Partnership for a Secure America (PSA) and the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) hosted a small off-the-record lunch roundtable on May 15th featuring a discussion of the Syrian conflict and its impact on Iraq and the greater Middle East. Speakers: Amb. Maura Connelly– [Senior State Dept. Fellow, U.S. Ambassador to the […]

PSA/ASAP Panel Discussion: Afghan Elections and the Future of US-Afghan Relations

C-SPAN 3 PANEL COVERAGE APR 7- PUBLIC EVENT Lisa Curtis (Senior Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation), Omar Samad (Former Afghan Ambassador to Canada and France and Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation), Jed Ober (Director of Programs at Democracy International) and moderated by Caroline Wadhams (Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress) […]

PSA/USIP Off-the-Record Briefing – Revolution/Counterrevolution: Examining Events in Ukraine and North Africa

MAR 28 – PSA and the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) hosted Ambassador Bill Taylor (ret.) for our next off-the-record, Congressional staff discussion – Revolution/Counterrevolution: Examining Events in Ukraine and North Africa. Ambassador Taylor served as U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine (2006-2009) and Special Coordinator for Middle East Transitions in the State Department (2011-2013). Recent […]

PSA/USIP Capitol Hill Briefing: A Report from Inside Iran with Robin Wright

Public Briefing JAN 13 – Author and journalist Robin Wright, who has covered Iran for more than 40 years, visited Capitol Hill to offer insights from her recent two-week trip. She discussed Tehran’s new strategic goals, the shifting balance of political power, the economic challenges and future potential, the post-election public mood, prospects for the […]

PSA/USIP Host Ambassador Marc Grossman, former US Special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan

On October 22, PSA/USIP hosted a small round-table discussion with Ambassador Marc Grossman, former U.S. Special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan. This off-the-record event, open to select congressional staff, focused on the upcoming transition in Afghanistan and U.S. interests in the AfPak region. This was the ninth event of the PSA/USIP Congressional Briefing Series – […]

The United States-Mexico Security Relationship

PUBLIC EVENT: Two participants in Partnership for a Secure America’s Congressional Partnership Program hosted a discussion with Professor John Bailey, Georgetown University, Department of Government and School of Foreign Service Director, Mexico Project and Iñigo Guevara, Mexican writer and analyst specializing in Latin American defense and security issues; former adviser to Mexico’s Office of the […]

PSA/USIP Host an Afternoon with USIP Experts

PSA and USIP offered Congressional staff a chance to speak with on-the-ground conflict resolution professionals in countries such as Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Burma, Israel/Palestine, the Sudans, and more. USIP experts have extensive on-the-ground experience and academic training to provide a rare quality of expertise which is effective in strategic and cost-saving techniques to bring stability […]