Saudi Counterterrorism

Off-the-Record Dinner Discussion: Saudi Arabia’s Counterterrorism Efforts

On August 22, His Highness Prince Abdullah Al-Saud, Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the United States and Mr. Nawaf Althari, Counter-Terrorism Adviser for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Permanent Mission to the United Nations joined participants in the Congressional Partnership Program for an off-the-record discussion on Saudi Arabia’s counterterrorism efforts. Also in attendance was Prince […]

Dr. Nadia Diuk

Off-the-Record with Dr. Nadia Diuk

On August 8th, Dr. Nadia Diuk, Vice President at the National Endowment for Democracy, joined participants in the Congressional Partnership Program for an off-the-record dinner discussion on Russian foreign policy. Dr. Diuk discussed Russia’s soft and hard power approaches to global events, including propaganda and military intervention around the world. Nadia Diuk Dr. Diuk serves as […]


Colombia & Its Neighbors: Between Peace and Chaos

On July 20, Ambassador Roger Noriega, Former Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs (2003-2005), and Virginia Bouvier, Senior Advisor for Peace Proccesses at USIP,  discussed the current state of affairs in South America. Ambassador Noreiga and Ms. Bouvier described recent advances in the Colombian peace process, the situation in Venezuela, the political and health issues in Brazil, and other issues facing South […]

Peace-building in ISIS-Ceared Areas

Peace-building in ISIS Cleared Areas

On June 29, four experts from the United States Institute of Peace discussed the current situation in Iraq and examples of reconciliation in ISIS-cleared areas. The briefing also discussed similar preparatory efforts for Ramadi and Mosul post liberation. The panelists shared their experiences in building local peace in Iraq during the past 10 years and their […]

Ambassador Taylor

Off-the-Record with Ambassador William Taylor

On May 24th, Ambassador William Taylor joined participants in the Congressional Partnership Program for an off-the-record dinner discussion on Russian actions in Ukraine. Ambassador Taylor, former Ambassador to Ukraine, also discussed the relations between the United States and Russia. William Taylor Ambassador Taylor is the executive vice president at the U.S. Institute of Peace.  Earlier, he was […]

Update on Tunisia

An Update on Tunisia

On May 3rd, Congressman Jim Kolbe, Former U.S. Congressman (R-AZ) 1985-2007, and Linda Bishai, USIP North Africa Director, provided staffers with an update on Tunisia. They discussed recent developments in Tunisian politics and security since the Arab Spring and also gave staffers a look at grass roots efforts to build peace among different factions in […]

Bob Gallucci- North Korea

Amb. Robert Gallucci Discusses Managing North Korea

Ambassador Robert Gallucci attended an off-the-record dinner with alumi from the Congressional Partnership Program, where he discussed recent developments in North Korea’s nuclear weapon program and their global implications. Ambassador Robert Gallucci (ret.) Ambassador Gallucci served as Dean of the School of Foreign Service for 13 years until he left in July 2009, to become […]

The Worldview Series: China

Partnership for a Secure America is excited to announce a new initiative with the US-Asia Institute for Spring 2016 called “The Worldview Series: China”. The US-Asia Institute and PSA have designed this unique educational program to improve congressional insight into China and better inform U.S. foreign policy decisions on Capitol Hill. The series features off-the-record […]

Nancy Lindborg, General (Ret) John Allen Brief Staffers on Iraq, Syria, and the Struggle Against ISIS

Nancy Lindborg, President of the United States Institute of Peace, and General (Ret.) John Allen, former Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL, discussed the unfolding events in Iraq and Syria. Ms. Lindborg and General Allen also discussed military and humanitarian efforts used to counter the Islamic State. General (Ret.) John Allen […]

Crossroads of Crisis: Turkey Today

Ambassador Eric Edelman, former Ambassador to Turkey, and Alan Makovsky, Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, briefed congressional staffers on the increasingly authoritarian actions by the Erdoğan government, tension with Russia and Turkey’s NATO membership, and the role of Turkey in an anti-ISIS coalition. Ambassador Eric Edelman Ambassador Eric S. Edelman is currently […]